The Root Intelligence


Have you ever thought you're not good enough or your best days are behind you? I will explain why that is not true. Thoughts are more than ideas and opinions.

Laptops and personal computers become outdated every few years. With the advancements in technology, the frequency has only sped up.

Almost every year now, newer models of cell phones have more abilities and capacity to make life that much easier.

Our brains are like computers in several ways; they allow us to store, retrieve and process new information. However, unlike a computer, we cannot upgrade our brains to a newer model.

Our Minds

The good news is that we don't need to because we can adjust our mindset and update old software by renewing our minds.

We enter this world with one brain, and it was designed and built to last us our entire life. It is a learning machine that doesn't run out of energy, because it has been left on too long.

Whether you are awake or asleep, your brain is on and working. It is the body's control center; it tells your heart to pump, your eyes to blink, your lungs to breathe, and your legs to walk.

In addition to doing all these things for us on an unconscious level, it also enables us to process our thoughts and form new ideas. The irony is that our physical bodies are the smallest part of us, yet we expect these shells called bodies to do the most for us.

When a chef decides to prepare a meal, they do it in parts. They handpick specific ingredients to use in each piece. For example, if they want an earthy flavor, they could use cumin, and for a slight taste of sweetness, they could use onions. Everything the chef chooses is intentional.

Nothing is done by accident; this is the only way to ensure the finished product will come out the way the chef imagined.

Order always originates from intelligence, it would be foolish to think an explosion created the printing press or a piece of sand transformed itself into a computer chip.

Products are created inside a factory, and only the manufacturer can declare the original intent for its creation. They make an effort to help avoid unnecessary injury and ensure complete satisfaction.

A set of instructions is placed inside each package. Researchers conducted surveys and interviews, concluding that only 25% of people read these manuals.

In addition, the study discovered that most users only use some of the features of products they use regularly. The potential is there from the beginning, but just like many people's lives, it has yet to be realized fully.

A basic definition of intelligence is; the ability to learn, understand or deal with new or trying situations.

Some individuals take IQ tests to assess their reasoning, problem-solving skills, and other capabilities. The idea of these tests is to give people a benchmark of where their intelligence is so that they may improve.

The issue is that many tests are inclusive and only cover a narrow area of intelligence. To truly improve the quality of life, one must develop an understanding of their true self.


There are three intelligences talked about in business school, philosophy and theory which are:

  • Academic Intelligence differs from educational qualifications; they can quickly grasp a new idea and comprehend something complicated.
  • Emotional Intelligence is the awareness of how you're feeling and your state or mood. You can think about your thoughts as an objective observer who can course-correct anything that is not beneficial to yourself or others.
  • Relational Intelligence is the ability to connect with others, and they have a warm and magnetic personality. According to Dale Carnegie, these people can win friends and influence people.

The Fourth intelligence is the root intelligence from which all intelligence flows. You will not find it discussed in business school, philosophy, or theory. The fourth has been omitted because it deals with the supernatural in two significant ways.

First, to understand Spiritual Intelligence, you must accept these two truths that human beings exist in three parts; spirit, soul, and body. Two is that we were made of God, by God, and for God.

And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. 1 Thessalonians 5:23

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Have you ever thought you're not good enough or your best days are behind you? I will explain why that is not true. Thoughts are more than ideas and opinions.