We are All In Process


Wealthy Stewards Blog 

by Roberto Swift

Every day we are becoming more like something. A hero or villain? A fruitful tree or a dried-up grape?

The question, who do I want to be? Starts with who am I now? This is a gap only you can fill, for each of us it will be different. We have the power of choice; throughout the day we make a bunch of decisions that either pull us towards or away from our dreams.

In western culture, we tend to think of time as linear moving in one direction. Forward. However, take a second to stop and consider the rate at which you are moving. The pace of life does not flow in a straight line. There are hills and valleys. One day we are celebrating the next week we are mourning a loss. The everyday decisions we make have an exponential effect on our lives. Each action compounds until one day we look in the mirror and say, "How did I get here". There is no benefit in worrying about the future when you realize you can do something about the present.

Our lives are constantly in motion, which means we are constantly changing. I have a vision for who I want to be because I see potential inside of myself that is begging to come out. That is why I take time to reflect and work on my own development. One of the scariest things in life is to wake up one day and realize your regrets are haunting you. While it is truth it is never too late to change, the earlier you start the longer you will enjoy it.

We are giving away a free eBook called Mentality of the Wise. It's a great start into consciously making decisions to becoming the person you know you were called to be.

If we don't start fighting for ourselves, other won't either.