Wealth of Time: No One is an Island


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We are responsible to each other and to God, for what we do with the resources we have been given.

The number one resource we all have. Take a guess. It is time. For instance, as an employee many of us exchange 40 hours a week for other resources. We don't exchange time for currency.

Currency is not a resource neither is it evil or good it is a tool, a measurement of resources. Resources are anything that we deem have value. The most valuable resources on Earth may not be what you thinking. The most valuable resources are those things that allow us to create value. Creativity, Imagination, special abilities and skillsets all these things create value.

So, what is wealth all about? It's not about accumulating stuff and being wasteful. It is about positioning yourself, to help others.

Someone who is wealthy has enough assets to cover their expenses.

Whereas someone who is rich simply has a lot of stuff.

The wealthy person is in a position to create opportunities for others. When we die all of our possessions get passed down to someone else. This could be to love ones or the government. Point is it is not coming with us. Now, wealth is not about taking care of ourselves. It is about creating opportunities for others. However, the types of opportunities we create is determined by what we value.  

Now is the time to figure out what you value?

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